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Name: Megan A. Caddy Miller

Fave color: Pink, Yellow, and Orange. 


Where I am from: Long Beach, CA


Married?: Yes


Kids?: I have my baby girl, Goldie!


Hobby: Food blogging and most recently just blogging about all the ways I save time. 


Fave Food: anything with buffalo sauce


Pets? Yes! my lil dog, Princess.


Drink?: 2 days a week. Lol oh my favorite drink… its coffee! But if were booz’in it’s a wine, if its white it’s iced. Or a spiked kombucha! <3 

Introvert or Extravert: I’m an extravert… as much as I like to be out going and over share, in person I am becoming a bit more reserved.


Why I started the blog: I wanted to share my recipes and other hacks on how I saved time being vegan and a busy adult. Also a big thing is I wanted to show that to be a good human on this earth you don’t have to look like a dirty hippy. I mean if you want to that’s fine but I’m a vein-ass vegan. #balance I honestly probably target non-vegans on purpose. I just want us to all be a LITTLE better to the earth! Also Matt basically pushed me super hard to do it. Normal awesome boyfriend stuff.


Favorite workout: I’m a HIIT junkie, but I lift and run too!


How did you learn to cook? : I went vegan at 20 years old and I was a little embarrassed so I only cooked with “normal” stuff that was already in my families kitchen and I got really good with spices. As I branched out into tofu, plant based meats, nutritional yeast, and all that jazz it only got better. Started with the absolute basics.


Pet peeves: Honestly my pet peeve is people who talk and don’t do. I definitely carve out time to chill/rest or even be hung over, but I get my shit done. Also people who are “fake hippies.” I can’t tell you about how many people preach for kindness, girl power, whatever and literally don’t practice what they preach. 


How do you know about skin care: My best friend started helping me learn when she got into skin care development. She is/has worked for pretty prestigious brands creating their products. If I was a billionaire I would buy her a lab and hire her to make me skin care all day, lol. 


How did you meet you husband? Long story short, my best friend and her current boyfriend asked me to meet them and some friends at a restaurant. Matt was there and we hit it off really obviously. Then I found out he was 30 and I got scared (I was 22) and we stopped talking. A few months later we ran into each other again. We were both beginning to date other people (He was dating woman who was WAY better on paper! Like, she was a fucking doctor.) but quickly dropped them for each other. We literally couldn’t be more different but we couldn’t stay away. It’s pretty harmonious now, obvi. He didn’t want to get married until he met me according to him and his family.


What does he do? : He owns a company called Fair Trade Real Estate. We also do our own side projects. I got my real estate license about 1 year into dating him. I quickly took an interest in his work because i was still unsure of what i wanted to do. 


What do you do?: I just Finished my Bachelors of Science in Business Finance. I feel like i learned a lot in school and that such a stuffy degree helped me become well rounded. Matt and I knew we wanted to try for a baby my last trimester and that worked out so now all my spare time goes to helping Matt with our flips, taking care of Goldie, maintaining our lives, and blogging, which i hope to do more of now that school is finally over!


What will you do?: Continue blogging quick and easy recipes and lifestyle stuff now that I have Goldie. Hopefully also do more real estate stuff with Matt. I've been getting really into the interior design so maybe some staging is in my future. I would love that!


What are your hopes for Megan’s Method? : Manifestation time! Grow a community of do’ers who use my tips and share theirs with me. I want to connect all of us go-getters, or as I call us, Busy Bitches! I hope to have one of those really good facebook group communities and have my weekly emails on point also just showing hacks on a whim on IGTV. I eat and breathe for sharing any helpful knowledge. That’s the METHOD. 


What is your morning routine? : I am someone who is extremely productive as soon as I open my eyes (6am-7am.ish) and for the next 6-8 hours after. As soon as I wake up I make princess’ dog food, then my coffee, then take her to potty, give her the food and go back to my bed with my laptop and coffee while she eats. If I’m not interrupted by school or an appointment I’ll stay their till as late as 1pm. I felt like this was a horrible thing but my husband told me to just go with it because I get so much done. Once I wrote like 9 blogs. It just flows for me in the morning!

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