5 Back to School Study Hacks

Updated: Oct 13, 2018

Studying is all about being in the right mental state. We all have been there, trying to read a book and realized we don’t remember what we just read, it's so frustrating! These tips aren’t just for high school or college students, we all have something that will require testing or learning like a new job or a promotion that requires us to learn new material, and this can even be harder if you haven’t had something new to study in a while. I’m definitely not one of those naturally smart people, for example, I had a 1.3 GPA in high school and now with my study habits I have a 3.7 in college! I definitely owe it to these 5 study hacks and I wanted to share with you what I have been doing to achieve better results!

1. Don’t make big changes- While you are in study mode, I wouldn't start a new diet, new exercise regime, or move to a new house... just try to have some consistency so that you can focus your spare time and energy into your new project or studies. Some of this stuff is beyond your control, but if you can try to keep life steady while you are in your semester or studying for a new thing, do it! (Definitely not saying to stop exercising if you already do! Its my favorite way to take a break!)

2. Take on a load that is good for you – If you have the ability to take on a lot at once than go for it, but not all of us have the same capacity or the same balance. Some can take on a lot and choose not have a vivacious social life for a little while because they would rather get their work done and others need to take on a little at a time and have a balance with life and work/school. No matter what you can handle its OKAY! Don't compare yourself.

3. Take your time- For me I know that taking 2 hours a day to study is unrealistic. I call myself a homework troll during the semester because I just go a couple days locked in my dark room looking like a bum with my computer glowing on my puzzled face. I will take a few days out of the week to study and be really focused instead of just a couple hours a day. Subjects like math maybe a little different because its good to just do a problem or two every day to keep it in your mind, but definitely still take a few days just to be really focused!

4. Let friends know your priorities- Tell the people you spend the most time with what you are up to and what your current priorities are. Its hard when you have so many people dragging you in different directions and you have guilt knowing you need to be working on your own stuff. The type of people who should be in your life will understand when you are trying to better yourself and they will still love you when you have to temporarily morph into homework troll. HA!

5. Be a kiss up- Okay I'm not being completely serious here and there are definitely some instances where this doesn't work such as standardized tests, but it doesn’t hurt when applicable. I mean, if you are well liked by your superiors it can really help you. I’m not saying buy them coffee every morning or anything but let them know you are ready to learn and show up for them. That’s all it takes to be liked. My way of doing this is to sit in the front of class and engage. If you were a teacher or a boss wouldn’t you favor the ones who are eager and make your life easier? This way if you mess up or have an off-day you wont instantly fall to the bottom of the barrel.

Hopefully these are helpful to you, the most important thing when studying is to know it definitely takes time and dedication to really learn new things. My little cousin who is starting her freshman year asked me if I had any tips for getting homework done quickly in high school and I basically told her that homework is the way teachers force us to study and there is no easy way out! Make sure you just look at the light at the end of the tunnel (winter break!) HA!