8 Ways to Save Time Using Your HAIR DRYER!

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

8 Ways to Save Time Using your Hair Dryer

As much as I love an organized bathroom, the one thing I always have on the counter plugged in and ready to go is my hair dryer. I seriously don’t have time to wait around for all the things I put on myself to dry… so this thing comes in handy way more than just for blow drying my locks, plus a few other hacks.

1)Eyelash Dry Trick-

Temp: Medium;

Air pressure: Low - Sooo... this is the “hack” that inspired this entire blog post! I had my girlfriend over to spend the night in high school and when we were getting ready in the morning she caught me applying my mascara and lightly blow drying my lashes in between layers. It’s one of the things that I just feel is so logical , but apparently I do all sorts of weird things! LOL  She teased me but then a few years later we brought it up again and she said she does it all the time now! All I do is blow dry my lashes a little by holding my dryer low and blowing my lashes upward. This helps the mascara get a little tacky so the next layer can build better. I have always been a fan of dark, think, buildable mascara because other than filling in my brows, lip gloss and bronzer, my mascara is the only everyday makeup I wear.

2) Undie Trick-

Temp: Hot; Air Pressure; Medium/High - This hack is for traveling, surprise sleepovers, or an unexpected visit from Aunt Flow. I have been in situations where I needed a pair of clean undies. What I do in a pinch is handwash my existing pair in the sink using just the liquid soap and water and wringing them dry as best as I can, and then using the blow dryer to get the job done. It does take a little time to get them completely dry, but better than just turning them inside out or something. Ew.

3) Spray Tan Trick-

Temp: Hot; Air Pressure: High - I have a knack for spray tanning myself. I completely hate going to get a spray tan, getting my nails done, getting my hair done, blah blah blah- because all these things take up so much time and you guys know how impatient I am. So sometimes I find ways to do things myself and a spray tan is one thing I’ve taken out of the beauty equation. Basically as soon as I get out of the shower I spray or rub myself with the self tanner while my hair is tied up in the towel. Then I just give my body a little blow dry, then I start to blow dry my hair nude and keep switching between blow drying my body and my hair. (I find when I give my hair little breaks to cool down while im blow drying it, it actually dries faster.) So in the mean time I just blow dry my spray tan! HA! Obvi the spray tan dries much quicker so then I go put on some clothes and finish up my hair! #Method

4) Eyelash Curler Trick-

Temp: Hot; Air Pressure: Low - So I don’t actually curl my eyelashes but I know many people do have straight eye lashes and need to curl them if wearing mascara. Just like a curling iron, a lash curler works wonders if it’s heated, and warming your curler with the hot setting on the dryer will give those lashes the curl you need!

5) Skin Care Trick-

Temp: Cool; Air pressure: Low -  I’m a girl who has a minimum of a 3 step skin care routine for morning and night. When I want to wear a little foundation over my skin care, I need to make sure all those lovely products are dry before I apply! You guessed it. I just blow dry my face on cool, which also help shrink those pores!

6)Nail Trick-

Temp: Cool/Medium; Air pressure: Low -

I usually get gel nails because it lasts longer but sometimes I need to do my own or I decide to do my toes myself before going to get my fingers re-done. Just like the salon has fans for you nails, I use my blow dryer to fan my nails dry sometimes. Especially if you give each hand/foot a little 10 second dry in between coats, you will find that they dry much quicker so you can have your appendages back. 

7) Un-fog Mirror Trick-

Temp: Hot; Air Pressure: High - Oh this hack is one of my favorites. Just point the dryer where the reflection of your face should be in the fogged mirror after you get out of the shower. Count to 10 and you have a reflection again without making streaks with your towel or wasting a paper one!

8) No-wash hair blow out trick-

Temp: Medium/Hot; Air pressure: Medium/ High - Wake up with a little bead head? For me it’s always the baby hairs that frame my face that I cant just fix with a straightener without damaging my hair. The hair dryer is much easier on those little hairs that frame your face! All I do is wet my fingers in the sink and run them through the hairs around the frame of my face and re-blow dry them. Of course after I add a little dry shampoo and work it in with dry hands incase they still look a little greasy.