Beauty Services That Save Time

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Best Beauty Services to invest in to save you time!

Time is MONEY!

One day I was dreaming about all the things I would love to have done to me to just wake up feeling completely ready! It would be like having a penis for the day without the penis. No makeup or anything. A true “I wOke uP LikE tHis” moment. Therefore, the whole goal of this post is to pinpoint the services I would invest in if I wanted to feel this way every morning. I say invest because, yea, it would be like a thousand dollars to do this shit ALL at once. But chances are you don’t need ALL these services to reduce the amount of time you spend getting ready in the morning. But since it popped in my head, thought id write about it! A GIRL CAN F*CKING DREAM.

(Okay I actually have done MOST of these by the time i'm posting it and currently did wake up feeling ready. It was amazing.)

It will be obvious in the post I haven't done ALL of these things before, but the ones I have I give my personal experience. The ones I havent are just popular enough to know that they are great, like a brazillian blow out. 

1. Blow out- 

Ellie (my bestie, who is gunna kill me for posting these) before and after a BLOW OUT. Obvi that is her as a child but i had to go to the archives to find a pic with her in her curly glory!

Weather you get a more permanent blow out such as a brazillian, or pay a visit to the dry bar… this will save you time in the morning because a even just a regular blow out can last at least a week with a little dry shampoo! I have opted for this because as a “blonde” I need to go run in for a deep conditions sometimes and of course I just let them finish the job. Busy B’s my friend Hayley, you remember she sometimes helps me with posts, gave me the hot tip that you can literally just go to Super Cuts for a budget blow out. All you do is ask for a shampoo & wash with a basic blow dry. It’s 21 BUCKS! She says if you become a regular they totally go above and beyond for you, just make sure you tip at least 20%! Just to throw it out their... at drybar the service plus 20% is $50+$10=$60 and at Super Cuts its $21.50+$5ish=$26-27. Literally saving over 50% on a hairstyle that will last you the majority of the work week!

2. Gel/Dip Manicure- 

If you don’t care if your nails are painted, than skip over, but if you do, regular polish will not cut it. UGH nothing worse than constantly having chipped nails. I personally LOVE to paint my own nails and totally wouldn’t mind doing them every 3 days, but I don’t have the time. I can’t wait around for my nails to dry. Like I need my appendages back, thank you. There are so many salons here in California that offer vegan gel nail polish too. However, you can also bring your own! Just pick your signature color like maybe a neutral or baby pink so it matches with ALL THE THINGS. I never pay for gel toes though because for me my toes don’t chip a bunch and I just have the salon do toes first so they are dryish by the time I get my hands done. ALSO don’t try to work out the same day you get your toes done… I just learned that the hard way. Regular polish needs a whole day before regular tennis shoes/ sneakers! OOPS.

3. Tinted Brows/ Micro blading- 

I tint my own brows. Just use a brow brush for make-up to draw them on perfectly so you don't have dye stains on your face!

As a natural blonde… (*SIDE NOTE - HEY! I can literally hear you roll your eyes..I mean like i’m not naturally this blonde, okay, but I still cannot identify as brunette. I do not have brunette people problems like dark leg hair… I have blonde girl problems like white af eyebrows and my parents detouring me from upper level math classes my whole life… anyway, where was I?) As a natural blonde, my eyebrows are very very light! If you have light but full eyebrows, getting them tinted or tinting them yourself is a really good idea! If they are sparse and you are not good at filling them in. A professional semi-permanent microblading session (fine hair tattooing of the brows) might be the best for you. It does fade though and can be pricey!

4. Dermaplane OR Peel- 

OMG my friend swears by dermaplane and while I haven't had one yet (I will be soon) I do a peel every so often. Let me tell you where this saves you time- FOUNDATION. Literally after I do a peel and sit with some facial oil on my face, my skin looks so even! I seriously only waste time with foundation after doing such good things for my skin. I just sweep some bronzer on my cheeks and hairline and GO! This is my experience, but my friend who loves to get dermaplane, Ellie (photograph above, lolol) has worked in skin care development for 2 big skincare companies. Not sure if im alowed to reveal... Her degrees are specifically in bio and chem, but her research is all in formulating skincare! This is her expert explanation-

Ellie: Our skin has a natural process to ensure our largest organ has a resilient barrier by continuously turning over its’ cells in a well regulated cycle. What this process looks like in a one sentence is new cells are created and older cells lose their nucleus and move outward to the surface in layers to act as a shield from environmental aggressors (to some extent, please make sure to keep wearing your sunscreen).  As aging occurs, the natural process of cell turnover and desquamation (aka shedding the older dead skin cells on the surface) changes, resulting in a thicker layer of dead skin cells which can mean an uneven and dull complexion. In addition as we age skin’s structural proteins like keratin and collagen production slow leading to drier and less plump skin. In order to speed up this slowing process that occurs with natural aging people can exfoliate the skin by several methods, and depending on which procedure, reach different depths in the skin to not only improve texture and complexion but also encourage collagen production. Different compositions of Alpha Hydroxy Acids, (like glycolic, a sugar based acid), Beta Hydroxy Acids (like salicylic acid that penetrates through oily pores), Polyhydroxy acids (larger acids that work mainly on the surface), and TCA (trichloroacetic acid which is an acid that can penetrate deep into the dermis) can customize the level of exfoliation that a person wants to achieve. 

The thing about chemical peels is that while they are great and stimulate newer cells to be revealed for radiant skin with diminished signs of aging, they can make your face pink or peel and are not recommended for pregnant women. An option that minimizes downtime and is safe for pregnant women is dermaplaning which is a little more sophisticated than basic exfoliating scrubs. Dermaplaning uses a medical grade razor blade to remove the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin along with the peach fuzz as an added bonus which makes the skin feel oh so soft and smooth. Commercially available versions of dermaplaning blades are available for purchase and home use that but in order to get those extra layers of skin cells off for even more exfoliation it is recommended to go to a qualified professional. 

5. Eyelash extensions- 

OMG these are so amazing. I just had my done by a sweet woman who I can see becoming fast friends with in Long Beach, CA. I’ll leave her contact info below if you are in the area. 

My experience was shocking. I seriously thought it was going to feel like someone was poking at my eyes for 2 hours and then be left feeling like I have a strip lash on for 2-4 weeks. NOT THE CASE. First of all, it was not poking or painful AT ALL. I mean I have a really tiny bladder so the last half hour I was a little squirmy but totally worth it. Also, these feel so light and Ughhhh I’m gunna be addicted. Not having to take off my mascara (which is something I avoid and always wind up with dry eyes due to clogged oil ducts) is so convenient. I actually avoided this service because I thought it would bother my eyes but I actually CAN wash my face more often now (including my lashes)  without the big black mess that is mascara and I am so grateful. These are especially amazing on vacation or if you are with a new partner because you know, you wake up next to them already fabulous and you seem all low maintenance lmao.

All jokes aside, seriously, when you have lash extensions you feel like you never need makeup.  Incase you havent noticed a theme yet. Not needing makeup is my literal #GOALS.

IG: @vidanta_lashes

3714 E Broadway Ave. Long Beach CA

6. Lip injections- 

Woah is this rude of me to suggest? Lol definitely not everyone needs this, but if you are like me and felt like a freak without lipstick or chapstick, getting MILD lip injections might make you feel more beautiful without makeup! Mine just always have a little hydrated look now. I spill ALL THE TEA about my experience on this post here

Whether you are a baller shot caller and can do all these things on the reg or just do some of them for a special vacation/occasion like me… I hope you found this post helpful and maybe something that could really save you time. But tbh, time is fucking money and im currently rocking 4 outta 5 of these beauty services and if you watch my story on @megansmethod on IG you know im just LOVING IT. No wonder men can be so productive they have an extra fucking 1-2 hours every day... lololol

Comment below if you have any beauty services I should know about!  

Also, comment below if you would like me to write about the services I multi-task at home to save me a TRIP to the salon! 


me dyed brows, lash extensions, lip injections, and i had done a chemical peel last night! Gel mani not shown ;]