Cold Brew 101

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Cold brew 101

Matt was so happy I sent him a pic of 3 jars of cold brew I made him that he came home with 2 dozen roses. I'm tellin ya men are easy to please. lolol

Hey busy bitches...caffeine is always a must for me and in the light of me pushing through soul sucking business school, I thought I’d drop my knowledge on cold brew, which includes: why I like it better than iced coffee sometimes, how to make it yourself, and some of my favorite recipes for it.

Now ladies, if you have deep pockets and you just want to buy cold brew, than that’s great! But when I realized my hub was spending like 11 dollars a day on this stuff I remembered how in school they tell you how much you spend if you buy a pack of cigarettes everyday ( you remember that lecture?) and like... 11 dollars is double what a pack of cigarettes were back then soooo...I decided I should make cold brew when I can, especially since it’s really really easy to make.

Pros for cold brew:

  • Higher caffeine than ice coffee ( but can be diluted to preference)

  • Lower acidity

  • Tastes fresh longer

How to make cold brew

You’ll need:

FRESH Coarsely Ground Coffee

-(A paper filter grind minimum... if you don’t have a grinder, just go buy fresh ground coffee at the grocery store and use immediately)

Cold water

A nut milk bag or cheese cloth

A 32 oz container (French press or mason jar)


Step 1) Add 3/4th to 1 cup of fresh ground coffee, to your 32 oz container.

Step 2) fill container with water, if using a mason jar, try to leave no space for air, fill as high as you can. *I believe making it as air right as possible keeps the acidity down.

Step 3) Go to sleep- jk, but allow 8-12 hours for it to steep at room temperature. You can let it steep in the fridge too but it will take 24hrs in a colder environment.

Step 4) strain and dilute- I personally line a pitcher with my nut milk bag and pour the contents of the jar into the lined pitcher. Then I lift the bag out slowly allowing the coffee to strain into the pitcher, I’ve linked my nutmilk bags here!

Step 5) CREATE!

Recipe: "I GOT THIS!" below

Cold Brew Recipe Suggestions!

Straight to the head

1 serving Moon Juice brain dust

Almond milk to preference

2 tsp Innulin

6-8oz Cold Brew

I get so much done when I drink this mix of coffee and brain dust on an empty stomach (intermittent fasting) Tbh, I use this recipe for hot coffee too... It gets me in the zone. And the innulin comes highly recomended on The Skinny Confidential... It's fiber but it also adds a slight sweetness which the brain dust needs. Disclaimer: Brain Dust does not taste very good but its worth it. Seriously idk what Moon Juice puts in that powder but it is basically healthy Adderall. lolol

1) Whip with frother pour over ice

2) Enjoy!

I Got This

Four Sigmatic hot mushroom cacao

Coconut milk

A baby baby pinch of stevia

Cold Brew

Adaptogens found in mushrooms help you manage stress so when I named this coffee “I got this,” it was because it’s the one that will keep you calm and ready to take on the curve balls thrown at you through out the day. And the best part is it tastes like a cinnamon mocha. YUMMM

1) Fill up a cup half way with cold brew.

2) Whip in Four Sigmatic Hot Mushroom Cacao & stevia. (using frother is best)

3) Add ice and coconut milk

4) Stir and enjoy!

Basic Bitch

Vanilla unsweetened Nut milk to taste

Cinnamon (Optional)

Pinch Stevia/sweetener

Cold Brew

This one is just good, cheap and too the point... no sugar added but still has the cinnamon to try to act as a flavor enhancer and a anti-inflammatory.

1) Mix with ice

2) Enjoy!