Current Obsession: "Petit Pot" Desserts

For a while, every time I went to whole foods I would walk past Petit Pot Desserts. I always wanted to try these delicious non-gmo certified organic traditional french desserts.. but never did. That all changed when I bought a coconut and a mango passion fruit rice pudding, and told myself it was officially going to be my and Megan's cheat day! Yes.. IF I was going to cheat, Megan would too! Luckily they recently came out with the coconut and mango flavors which are both vegan!


"I just loved the mango flavor vegan rice pudding. It wasn't like a lingering mild mango flavor. It was nice and tangy like a real juicy ripe mango was put right inside! So yummy! Thanks for a great product Petit Pot! I would definitely have these on hand for a snack!"


"As a child I refused to try rice pudding because of the texture. This coconut pudding with an amazing vanilla bean taste put all those fears to rest. I honestly am glad I only got one for each of us because it was so addicting. A great feature of this product is that it doesn't taste processed. This pudding tastes like a rice pudding I would buy in a fancy bistro. So so glad I took a chance and tried it!"

So, both Megan and I LOVED the pudding from Petite Pot. Along with the two vegan flavors, for those reading this who are not vegan, there are tons of options including: salted carmel, vanilla, dark chocolate, original rice pudding, lemon curd and coffee! I can't wait until some of these flavors are available for vegans!

Petit Pot Puddings can be found at or at a store near you (I found at whole foods)