Las Vegas #Veganywhere

Updated: Aug 21, 2018

You may be wondering.. out of all the places to visit.. why would a vegan choose Las Vegas? A friend of mine heard I was vegan and raves on and on about her friend Gia Shultz who owns “Modern Vegan” in Las Vegas. My friend told me about an empowering woman behind this restaurant. I figured.. hey, I would love to see what other vegan businesses or empowering vegan women there are in Vegas! Within a week we had multiple reservations to hit on our itinerary. I didn’t think you could be a vegan in Las Vegas, but I was completely wrong! I Below is the crazy itinerary that we actually followed, and after that is our notes, experiences and adventures on each one!

Las Vegas Itinerary

Tuesday 6/19/2018

6pm Dinner at Violettes Vegan LV

8560 W. Desert Inn Rd. D5, Las Vegas, NV  

8pm Check in to Hard Rock Hotel

HRH Pool King Suite

4455 Paradise Rd. Las Vegas, NV

Wednesday 6/20/2018

10am Cafe Lola

4280 S. Hualapai Way Ste. #109 Las Vegas NV

12:30pm Tiabi

Meeting w/ Diana Edelman -IG: @VegansBaby ~ Las Vegas Vegan guide founder

3961 Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas NV

2pm chef visit + meal at The Modern Vegan

700 E. Naples Dr. ste. 111 Las Vegas NV   

6:30pm Dinner at Cafe No Fur

3500 S. Edmond St. Las Vegas NV

9pm Forte Tapas

4180 S. Rainbow Blvd Ste. 806 Las Vegas Nevada

Thursday 6/21/2018

Bleumoon Bakery 9am Shayanne Nelson -Caterer /Baker by order

Baking vegan pop tarts

(805) 657-1912

9225 W. Charleston Blvd Las Vegas, NV

Simply Pure LV 12pm

707 Fremont St. Suite 1310 Las Vegas, NV

Head Home.

First on our list of places to stop was “Violette’s Vegan”.

Here is Megan’s notes:

Vibe- Hippy dippy vibe, jack johnson esque live music and colorful walls.

Buffalo wings- tempeh fried tempeh and tossed in secret sassy sauce

secret sassy sauce is like a slight spice with a buffalo and barbecue flavor at the same time! They were delicious! Not a typical sauce but there own veggie spin on a traditional fried favorite!

Nature girl salad-

Field greens chickpeas cucumber beets sprouts Ramariz-roasted almonds and radishes topped with tempeh bacon crumbles and vegan ranch

I had to order this one after those wings. I know I know vegans shouldn’t order salads especially at a vegan restaurant where there are so many options but I just miss those bacon and ranch bits! And hey, I’m in I need my greens to counteract the shenanigans I’m going to get me and Hayley into! Thanks violet vegan LAS VEGAS for giving us a delicious option on our travels!

Chocolate cake!

Delicious and spongy. Reminds me of when I was a kid eating fancy pastries from the local bakery. That’s it! Is like a fancy hoho... but like it was healthy!

No hydrogenated oils no refined sugar!!

My notes are a little less detailed.. but what can I say, I was pretty focused on the food!

Hayley’s notes:

BEST Vegan Mac n cheese ever!!

Waitress said she started working here because of it . To quote her “The mac n cheese is so good I just wanted to be around it all the time”! I asked how it was made:

Bag of vegan cheese, soy milk base tapioca starch (for thickness), onion powder + other spices. Heated while mixing for optimum thickness

One of best Mac n cheese’d ever had. Creamy and thick. Would never know it was vegan. Served with giant macaroni. Bread crumbs on top.

The Mac n cheese was a side to my sandwich but came in a full size giant bowl.

Shinto steak sandwich. Tempeh strips marinated in teriyaki, bean sprouts, mixed greens avocado (option of vegan miso mayo) on grilled ciabatta

The tempeh was thick and the tempeh was marinated to perfection.

Zucchini zen sticks breaded with corn polenta and quinoa, served with home made marinara. Loved that not too thickly breaded!  

Chocolate cake.

Very seeet.

No gluten, no refined sugar no hydrogenated oil.

Cake made with: Coconut flour, oat flour coconut sugar

The next thing on our itinerary was staying at the Hard Rock Hotel in the HRH king suite.. Can I just say that the room was amazing!! A huge king size bed, a living room with a flat screen tv. A giant bathroom with sinking tub, biggest shower I’ve ever seen, double vanities.. this room was perfection! We are very grateful for our stay at the Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas!

On Wednesday morning, Megan and I decided to get in a little workout and than hang by the Nirvana Pool at the hotel. After our relaxation, we met with Diana Edelman, the founder of Las Vegas Vegan Guide!

We met Diana Edelman at Tiabi coffee. shop Diana Edelman is the founder of "Vegan's Baby" and author of "The Las Vegas Vegan Guide". The cool thing about Tiabi (where we met) was that they had Vegan waffles! Megan and I shared a vegan waffle sandwich with roasted veggies. Diana was an incredible woman to speak to. She has branded herself as the go-to source for all things vegan in Las Vegas, and even has a vegan food tour that people can take! Diana was a pleasure thank meet and we love our Las Vegas Vegan Guide!

After coffee, we went to The Modern Vegan to meet the empowering woman behind it.. Chef Gia Schultz. We were lucky enough to get a recorded audio interview with her.

Breakfast Potato skins

Tofu scramble, red and green peppers, shredded Chester, sour cream and green onion

Chicken and waffle

House Batter with house breading -chicken

House made mash. Signature waffle mix. Setab backn. Topped with vegan burger and grilled asparagus. Maple syrup

Eggs Florentine

House made mash topped with roasted English muffin, grilled tofu, grilled tomato, sautéed spinach , holendaise sauce topped with asparagus parsley on top.

Club sandwich

Shredded lettuce, mayo, bacon, grilled tofu, avocado, pesto .

ALL OF THE FOOD WAS ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS. After two weeks, I am still craving the vegan chicken and waffles.

The Modern Vegan has a hip, Modern (hence the name) interior with an upscale casual vibe. Oh and we were immediately served with cocktails! What’s better than that?

After our large meal at The Modern Vegan we decided to get dessert at Cafe No Fur!

Can I just say (and Megan will agree) that their vegan ice cream shake tasted.. well.. not vegan!! Best vegan ice cream I’ve ever had! Prior to being Cafe No Fur, it was vegan ice cream shop “Scoops” for six years (before all vegan ice cream shops popped up). This was one of the first vegan ice cream spots in Las Vegas.

Vege way bought ice cream from them for their restaurant for years.

Vege way expanded  north and bought a second business. Scoops opened one up next door. When the hype of veganism died. Vegeway north slowed and wanted to sell. Scoops said they would sell first. Than bought vegeway north and ran for seven months. Sold after seven months and created Cafe no-fur. A combination of all three businesses.

Megan Tried the vegan wings and said they were the best vegan wings she had ever had. I was pretty in love with my strawberry smoothie which was phenomenal. Oh and did we mention they have vegan macaroons filled with ice cream???? Just about the best vegan dessert we have ever had!

After resting our bellies for a bit, we had a delicious late night dinner at Forte Tapas!!!

So Forte Tapas was down right incredible. The whole experience, the staff, the food, the owner.. the venue. We started off with glasses of champagne. Than we are the following:

Ibiza Salad: Mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, red onion, quinoa, crushed Marcona almonds, avocado and olive oil.

Mediterranean Salad:

Field tomatoes, Persian cucumbers, red onion, basil, mint, olives, parsley and fresh olive oil

Rosemary Flatbread

Vareniki: potato dumplings with fried onion

Paella Veggie

We finished with some freshly made cocktails.

I will DEFINITELY be coming back!!!

On our last half day in Las Vegas we wanted to do something a bit different. We reached out to Bleu Moon Bakery and asked if they would give us a vegan baking lesson!

Bleu Moon Bakery is a catering business that makes allergy friendly delicious vegan sweets! Oh and they are gorgeous! We walked in and she had already made a beautiful fruit tart! Below is a video of us making homemade vegan pop tarts!!!  

Our last stop before heading home was to Simply Pure LV This cute little vegan cafe has THE BEST vegan lasagna you will ever eat!!!

Xo -Hayley