Skinny Rosé Cocktails

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Hey ladies, I have created some skinny cocktail recipes. No added sugar, not super high in alcohol, but just refreshing and boozy enough for a good time by the beach. Sassy names and golden recipes by me free of charge as always!

-->Keep in mind that the cocktails often require a pinch of something! (like stevia) I really mean a pinch, not the whole packet! Rosé is good on it's own, we're just jazzing it up.

Light Rosé Cocktails-

The Delicate Fucking Flower

This one is basically the epitome of LITE. Its not super sweet and you don't even have to add the stevia. It's really just there to enhance the grape fruit. You will notice the point of this cocktail and the next is to make a mocktail out of the soda, and then add ice and fill with rosé. So you are just flavoring the soda water and then adding rosé! Simple.

The Delicate Fucking Flower


Rosé (sparkling)

Mint (5 leaves)

Grapefruit slice

Stevia, just a pinch (optional)




Muddle Mint, stevia(optional) and Grapefruit slice in shaker.

Add 1 part soda, shake, and strain! (or don't strain for a chunky drink)

Fill with ice

Add 2 parts rosé

add straw & gently stir.

Optional: Garnish with Grapefruit, Basil & gold cocktail straw.

Millennial Lemonade-

Millennial? The Chrystal Light in this cocktail is more reminiscent of my mothers drinks. They were all about the diet shit in the 90's! She drank chrystal light with vodka and her friend drank diet sprite and vodka. So funny! But this is a new take on it because we are SERIOUSLY only adding a pinch, not a whole serving. Infact, one serving should last you and your friends all day. The rest is sparkling water, rosé, organic strawberries, and basil!

Millenial Lemonade


rosé (Sparkling)

organic sliced strawberries

chrystal Light Lemonade Mix




Muddle strawberry, basil, & pinch of crystal light lemonade in a shaker.

Add 1 pt water and stir or shake.

Fill a glass with ice, strain (or dump for chunky drink) into glass

Fill rest of glass with 2 parts rosé and give a light stir.

Garnish with strawberry and basil

Yes way, Frozé

Yes way, Frozé


Rosé (Flat)

Pineapple juice

Frozen Mango



Add equal parts of mango and ice to blender

Cover the mango and ice with 1 part pineapple juice & 2 Parts Rose

Blend until smooth