My HOnEyMoOn in Greece!

Grecian HOnEyMoOn

Mykonos, Our hotel called Mykonos Star

OMG the longest plane fucking rides of my life. I should have taken my wise friend Courtney’s advice and gotten pressure socks for circulation. Obviously traveling is worth it but I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t open this up with a lil tip.

After my amazing wedding weekend Matt and I took 2 days to unwind before heading off to the Grecian Islands. But lets first start with us arriving at LAX. I had a little melt down crying and freaking out because these ladies who worked their were trying to tell us we were running late to our flight. We got there with 1hr 40min to spare instead of the recommended 2 hrs for international but it was fine. My meltdowns come in handy I feel like we got my bags checked in faster because I freaked out they helped us. I'll never be a person who takes just a carry on. Not even to a weekend in Houston in July where my clothes will be so little. I mean how does one fit all their shoes, hot tools, skin care, work out clothes, swimsuit, day looks, AND night looks in a tiny little box that is a carry on suitcase! Never gonna happen.

On the way there I slept like a baby on Matt's shoulder while he couldn’t sleep at all. (In fact this is kind of a theme, he he, you’ll see. ) Aside from our layover in Montreal which was actually only 10 mins. On our way to the other plane I went into survival mode and we found 2 different vegan wraps and I got one of each and Matt ate the one he wanted (as always, he's way harder to feed than me) not to make a cliché airline food joke here but yea that shit was a joke. 

We thought we were going to be able to sleep as soon as we got to Athens, Greece. I thought it was going to be 9pm! It was 9am… We had to wait for our 2 o’clock check in time so we went to go get a coffee, well I had an aperol spritz… all the cafés have booze in Europe... I like it. They don’t however all have non-dairy milk so I really had no choice. Matt could tell by my tude that I was tired and I wasn’t having my first drink of choice so after he enjoyed his espresso, we walked around the hustle and bustle of Athens, dodging cars and motorcycles on the one lane streets. Lots of shops, lots of history, and as we moved through the buildings we would look up to find a glimpse of the acropolis every so often. It was chill-worthy. But I was being a dick because I was hot in my airplane leggings and I just wanted to sleep and wake up on an island already.

We run into another café where Matt orders us a plate of fruit and olives and we split a giant San Pellegrino. I’m done. I fell asleep at the table. Guys this is kinda my thing... I’m an actual child. I will be insane for 5 minutes like I was a crazy excited psycho in the cab from the airport to the city and then I just pass out wherever I land. Luckily Matt knows what to do and he pays the bill and guides me back to the hotel. It’s now 1:30pm and were just getting the logistics done so we can check in. I pass out till 9pm. Jet lag is real. But the city is ALIVE at night. Matt and I run around and explore and find all these cute restaurants and cafés with string lights above the patios. About every 3 restaurants has live music and some even have people dancing. It was so…European. This was our view on one side of the cobblestone walkway… on the other was a park, if your eyes gazed upward above the park there is a high point of a hill where the Acropolis was lit up! It looks insane at night. We settled on a cute live music restaurant hand had some pasta, salad, and a bottle of white wine before creeping back to our Hotel for the night.

Mykonos hotel

We woke up and went for a run the next morning. We found our way closer to the Acropolis where some other early risers have hiked up to get some pics next to it before the crowd of tourists. We cleaned up and went to the free breakfast at the hotel. This part was crazy. We actually ran into people I kinda knew from classes at the gym back in SoCal. Like how the hell does that happen. We are across the country and we run into some acquaintances from our little gym in freakin Belmont Shore, Long Beach California. Mind BLOWN! 

After this we went to find a Starbucks where I know I can get some coffee with almond milk before I murdered my new husband and went to jail forever. There was also WiFi and we booked the next ferry to Mykonos!

The ferry situation is crazy. It basically these giant boats that look as big as a cruise ship. You rally underneath them, they are literally only docked for maybe 15 minutes before leaving again, I kid you not. People are pouring out and then they let the others pour in. The boat actually leaves while we are like sardines piling our luggage at the bottom and trying to funnel up the stair cases to the seats.(Probably how I lost my stupid iPhone at this point) Also the ferries are ALWAYS late. It’s often because a lot of the time Greece is a very windy place. I mean these fairy’s were getting thrown the fuck around and they are huge. I was rocked right to sleep and Matt was just up and trying not to fall out of his seat or barf while I was asleep on his shoulder. As always. See! I told you this would be a trend!

All these pics are bad quality because i lost my phone on the ferry to mykonos. Matt's iPhone 6 had to document the trip!

Eventually we get to beautiful Mykonos. Matt and I stayed at a hotel on a quieter part of the island. It was all white with blue accents like you would expect on a Grecian Island and had a private beach and an infinity pool! It was so pretty the weather was perfect. We spent our days lounging by the pool and sleeping and then going out to the little tunnels of walkways at night. We found the best restaurant ever and I wish I could just teleport to Greece every date night to eat here. (It's called Nice and Easy) It was mostly just good vibes and good wine. I lived off of greek salad with no feta and dolmas and falafel. The chef at Nice and Easy has a lot of LA inspo so there are lots of vegan options here. There was a really good vegan bowl.

When we weren’t lounging at our pool, we went to the town to chill on the busier beaches and shop. Mykonos is known for their partying and night life. We spent one night at a place called the Scandinavian Disco after dinner. This place was the butt of every joke the rest of our time in Greece. Okay let me explain, Matt has been to Germany and he says its so funny how some places in Europe are really behind on music compared to The States. Like he would be in a club for a few hours and the theme song of Ghost Busters would have came on like 4 times.lololol So this place in Mykonos was kinda like that. There were ALL the throw backs.

At Scorpios feeling Mrs. Miller AF!

The next day we were at a “hipper” spot called Scorpios. Matt and I spent the day listening to the DJ and swimming in the turquoise waters. We had rented a couple lounge chairs on the beach and it was so nice to have a server bringing me my white wine on ice or a vodka soda with lime!! Speaking of drinking in Mykonos… or not drinking in Mykonos… don’t drive in Mykonos. Just don’t, leave it to the pro’s. Save your scooter/fiat money for Santorini. Mykonos is just too crazy to drive in and tourist get in accidents all the time. Again, just leave it to the pro’s and take a taxi!

Other tips for Mykonos: 

-Mykonos is trendy and flashy. Where your best beachy clothes there. It’s very comparable to Ibiza, Spain I hear! 

-Speaking of Ibiza, It’s the party island so be ready to PARTY!

-Mykonos has the best beaches in Greece. Don’t try to spare your skin and save your tan time for Santorini like I did! Definitely have beach days here!

-Again! Do not drive

If your husband doesn't take you butt photos for IG then who will?

Next we headed off to Santorini! I like to think of this one as the chill adventure island. The first day we got there we just chilled and got settled in. We got a hotel that overlooked the Caldera. If you go to Santorini you want to splurge for this view. The Caldera is a volcano that you can see  off the coast of the island. Its really pretty to wake up too and you can have your little room service with your coffee in your white robes like us. We were in full on vacation mode as you can tell. After getting settled we got some lunch and did some more napping. That night we went out to a bar where I was a dancing QUEEN. I was mostly feelin myself because of my crazy hair. Basically I never bought a converter for my hair straightener to the European outlet so I just let it get crazy. The best part was my hair extensions (when I got them damp) had the same waviness as my hair and they blended so well! I felt like Shakira! You bet when her songs came on I was whippin it around lol… No, but it was a really fun night. This night we went and got some street food after dancing and drinking vodka sodas like a fish. It was the first time we got street food! Gyro!! I had falafel and it was loaded with French fries and I wasn’t mad about it! We found a cool little area to eat and people watch and then passed out at the hotel.

The next morning Matt was feeling extra Satanic and decides to have us run up the famous staircase in Santorini for some exercise. I’m talking 600 steps. Aside for a few times when I wanted my picture taken next to the donkeys, Matt was far, far ahead of me. I ran for the pics but mostly fast walked! These stairs were not the best thing I’ve ever smelled. Let me backtrack and explain these stairs.

You have a few options when you get to Fira, Santorini on the little docks… (I mean like the little ones, like if you came on a cruise ship and you took a little boat to shore.) You can either walk up the stairs, ride a sad miserable donkey up the stairs (obvi not on option for us, those poor guys!) or you can take the cable car. Can you guess which direction we only ever rode the cable car? Yea down. Because Matt is Satan. Anyway… we “ran” them that morning.

The STAIRS of Santorini!

After running, a shower and some breakfast we decide to find a way to do some adventuring. We found a tour guide spot and a ferry was leaving in 20 minutes to take people to the caldera, a hot spring, and then lunch on another small island. We rushed back to the hotel, packed our stuff, took that cable car down to the docks, and….. missed the boat. Luckily a nice person helped us on another boat that was leaving shortly going to the same place. When we got to The Caldera we found our boat and did a little self tour. We found the group eventually and we went off to the hot spring on the correct boat. The hot spring was just a part of the shore that was way warmer than the rest of the ocean and it was reddish in color! Pretty cool! We had to swim to it tho and I did not like the cold water part AHAHA. If you ever have a chance to do this be sure to wear a dark colored swimsuit because the red minerals of the hot spring can stain.

We ate breakfast on the patio of our hotel every morning (room service was free wtf!) and had The Caldera view!

After the quick swim we went to a fisherman's island that had a few little places to eat lunch! We find a place that has fava, Greek salad and bread and we eat it all up with some Grecian beer. As always I drink mine, and when it's done I drank the rest of Matts too. We have a little arrangement where he can eat my food once im full but I always get minimum half of his drink. LOL On this island there is ANOTHER stupid stair case. My husband is a monkey who always needs to get to the top branch of the tree. His primal instincts kick in and I let him do it all alone. LMAO I get some mango sorbet and order an espresso so he doesn't just want to fall asleep as soon as we get back to the hotel. It didn’t work! But guess what we did when we got back to the dock of Santorini. Yup, we walked up those stairs back to the hotel. Matt is getting a bible for Christmas.

The next day we did a wine tour and while we were on it…ummm we realized I screwed something up. I made our flight for 00:00! That is midnight…. Not noon the next day… We left a little early on a Taxi and packed up, arranged for a cab to the airport and had just enough time to get another gyro. YUM!

Caldera view..bad quality! sorry!

Landed back in Athens around 2:30am with some slight delay. It was our last full day in Greece. We got to our hotel, and fell right asleep. I woke up early that morning, maybe 7:30 because I knew Matt would be a fucking pill if I didn’t find a way for him to sleep in AND do an Acropolis tour, AND the museum AND feed him AND get him caffeinated. I book us some tickets at 11am, find us some nuts and fruit from a street vendor. Make him Nespresso at the hotel room and off we go to the last hotel to drop off our stuff and then find our meeting point from the tour. 

The tour was amazing. Our tour guide was knowledgeable and she got us in the shade whenever she could because it was a hot day. Matt and i were dying laughing at this little kid with his grandparents who clearly was not old enough to care about greek history. He was so hot and over he just yelled "This is stupid!" It was so funny you had to be there... Anyway, Matt and I remembered quite a bit about Greek history just from school and we both just had such chills. Matt and I really like philosophy, I mean we don’t talk about it on the reg but we find it so interesting. Matt is really big on bettering himself and finding balance. He tries to always work hard towards his goals, be a good man, exercise everyday, and have some leisure. This idea of balance in life comes from greek history and philosophy. It was eerie to be in the same place where all of these ideas emerged. 

Our tour came with tickets to visit the museum after where we could see in close up much of the evolution of the art styles on the Parthenon as sculptors got better and better at making humans look more real and in motion! That was also v cool to see. 

That night Matt and I decided to wander the streets one more time and somehow we came across an ad or something about traditional greek dancing in the park. This park is HUGE and we had to wander through it to a small amphitheater. There was a stand where you could by snacks and drinks so we grabbed a beer and watched the show! It was so cool to see the traditional dances. This day of history was the best way to end the trip.

After the dance show we were still full from earlier but we just wanted to spend a little more time in Athens before heading out in the morning. I had a good feeling about this cute little restaurant and we had just planned to get some olives and wine. What we got instead was brought up to the rooftop of this place where I got to have a view of my new husband and the Acropolis behind him. I mean we still got wine and olives but we definitely got more appetizers than we needed as an excuse to stay there as long as possible. We could hear the music going on from the big theater in the acropolis to where they have concerts. Everyone who is anyone has played there such as Elton John and Beyonce. So whatever we could hear it was good! 

Dinner viewss... Matt with the Acropolis behind him!

Finally we mozied back to the hotel, slept and had some breakfast before our late midday flight back to the states. We had an uneventful layover in Toronto where we went through US customs. (Kinda weird but we didn’t have to do it again in LA.) As we landed back in the home of the free at 9 pm on the 4thof july, we could look down and see fireworks popping off everywhere. Not in a scary way either. In a plane it looks like the fireworks are right on top of the buildings, not like right next to the plane. You could see the fireworks for miles. 

We left our car at our friends house in Manhattan Beach not far from LAX. We were greeted by my maid of honor Ellie, and her boyfriend who introduced and married us, Charlie. They were having a 4th of July party and we gave them some souvenirs and we went back home to where Matt's mom was taking care of my dog Princess Pea. I missed her so much! It was the BEST TRIP EVER!

For ALL the footage & photos - here is my personal IG HIGHLIGHT for my honeymoon!

Running through the TOWN in Mykonos.