Skinny Buffalo Chick'n Sandwich

Skinny Buffalo Chick'n Sandwich

What You’ll Need

2 slices of 60- 70 Calorie per slice bread (Trader Joes Brand, Sprouts Brand, Dave’s Killer Thin Sliced)

Spicy Chicken Patty (Boca or Sprouts Brand)


Buffalo Sauce

Basic Cashew Cream

(2 parts cashews, 1 part water, high powered blender, just blend ingredients)



How to-

1) Toast Bread, Meanwhile heat patty for one minute, then flip and go for another 30 seconds.

2) Once bread is toasted add a tablespoon of cashew cream and a tablespoon of buffalo sauce to one side of the bread. Swirl together on bread and spread evenly.

3) Assemble sandwich with lettuce and patty!

*The whole sandwich is only around 350 Calories! (Depending on brands) WOOHOO! Sometimes I have it as a snack and eat it open face with just one slice of bread and the top just lettuce so I can still hold it!