Skinny Smoothie Rotation

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

One thing that is very important to me is breaking my fast...yup, Breakfast. I‘m currently intermittent fasting 14 hrs a day (to prepare for my wedding!) and it’s important to break the fast with something full of nutrients so my body can run at an optimal level. How ever, these smoothies are not just great for intermittent fasters, it’s just good for everybody! I have 3 go-to smoothies that I tend to use at least 5 times a week, depending on my activity level. I like to design my smoothies with delicious combinations, while Matt thinks it’s okay to put berries and peanut butter in the same, what??? I made sure these smoothies all have a “theme” taste and they all have a PURPOSE. Each drink is a solution for one of my morning ailments or cravings, including a dreaded hangover.

I wasn't always a morning drinker, (like, I ate breakfast! Not smoothies.) I used to always have a peanut butter toast, coffee with almond milk, and raspberries or blueberries! I’m always cold so a frozen smoothie sounded like hell for breakfast, but it’s actually genius. Also you can have some hot coffee or tea with it to warm your soul back up. A smoothie for breakfast is totally worth it for at least 2 reasons and let me tell you why:

Greens- A smoothie can be fortified with all the greens you need in a day. I don't mind putting a half of a container of greens in the smoothie. It's definitely an acquired taste, but with all of these smoothies you can at least put 2 fist fulls of spinach and the flavor will be totally masked. Often times my smoothie is all the greens I have for the day, especially in the winter when I’m not having any salad.

Protein- I like protein powder in a smoothie to just make sure my blood sugar stays level until my next meal. When I used to just have toast and berries I would be so hungry again in 2 hrs. Not efficient. It helps that smoothies are so filling, because something about eating breakfast and chewing it made it hard to switch to smoothies, but in the long run, I was better off because I felt so sustained after adjusting to drinking my breakfast.

The PERFECT Smoothie

I’m going to try to start being a bit more specific, so FYI the perfect smoothie construction calls for frozen fruit & ice on the bottom of the blender, then the greens, then the powders last. Cover the frozen fruit with the liquid (almond milk or water) and blend for the perfect consistency. It tends to get more smooth that way and the powder is less likely to stick to the sides for an easy clean up. Without further ado, here is my smoothie rotation.

Berries & Lean-

This one is for a minimal errand running day. Or maybe if you know you’re gonna splurge on a dinner tonight or even just feel like something light. I even like to have this on a day where I have nothing planned, because I can always eat more but never less. Lots of people accidentally make their smoothies WAY too dense, but the protein will fill you up!


1 cup frozen organic berry mix

1 serving vanilla plant-based protein powder

½ frozen banana (optional)

2 handfuls Spinach (or as much as you can handle

Water (more for watery, less for thick)

Ice (optional)


Blend it up


You might not want the half banana if you prefer it to be tart and less sweet or if you know your activity level is going to be super low, you might not totally need it; but if you are even going to be using a ton of brain power, I would add it in! It’s so creamy and yummy with the banana!

Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie-

If you are sore from a really hard workout, struggling with a hangover, or managing that time of the month- this smoothie has all the things you might need to recover and get rid of inflammation and bloat.


1 big handful frozen pineapple

½ frozen banana

1 serving vanilla plant-based protein powder

1 tsp ground ginger powder (at least)

1 tsp ground cinnamon (at least)

1-2 tsp turmeric powder (at least)

2 tbsp hemp hearts (optional)

2 fist fulls spinach (at least)

½ lemon, juiced OR 1/4th cup orange juice

Water (more for thin, less for thick)

Blent it up!

Notes- if you are drinking this because you are going to be doing something that requires a bunch of endurance, maybe use coconut water instead of regular water for extra electrolytes and add some almond butter to replenish calories. Both taste great in this smoothie!


C stands for chocolate! For the days where you wake up with a sweet tooth. This one has the fewest ingredients and is probably the one I drink the most. It’s like having dessert for breakfast soooooo nobody looses except maybe your waist.


½ frozen banana

2 handfuls Ice

2 handfuls spinach

1 serving chocolate protein powder (or vanilla with a tsp of coco powder)

2 tbsp peanut powder



Blend it up