Suspect Lips

Cats outta the bag… you might have noticed, I decided to get my lips done. If you didn't notice though, don’t worry I’m not offended. The doctor did a great job and made them look very natural, I honestly wasn’t going for that IG model lip look. (Not that I don’t like it, it’s just that my husband would have killed me. LOL) I know lots of us girls are fasicated with lip injections right now! So I compiled all the questions my girl friends and IG friends had asked me about my experience…

Did it hurt? 

This depends solely on your pain tollerance. I watched a girl go before me and it seemed to have bothered her much more. The Dr. decided to numb me since I told her I thought I had a low pain tolerance. When I was numb, I couldn't even feel the needle go in. But the numbing stuff is ALSO a shot in your gums like the dentist and that I could feel and it hurt a little. Recently, I went in for a touch up and opted for no numbing treatment and I did totally fine. In my opinion, the pain from the numbing treatment and the pain from the fillers are similar enough to just not get the numbing shots.

Does it hurt after? 

Okayyyy sooo yes it does hurt after. You have bruised lips so it hurts to purse your lips which you must do to talk and eat. I would say the first 2-3 days it hurts the most then not so bad. Really only up until the second day it’s kinda hard to eat and speak.

If I had to describe the pain when I pursed my lips I would say it would be similar to like the pain you have if you got your blood drawn on your inner elbow, and the nurse was sloppy and you got a bruise. It hurts every time you bend your arm. Except with lip filler, its your lips and it hurts way more frequently because you must speak and eat. I would say the post-procedure pain is a little worse than the actual procedure, but still worth it. 2 weeks later I was still willing to endure the recovery because I went in for a touch up!

How long are you swollen/bruised after? 

This was the day I was the most swollen, Morning after!

Probably 5-6 days bruised and maybe about 4 swollen. I think I could have been swollen less long if I stopped messing with them though. I was kinda randomly biting and touching my upper lip to see if it still hurt, lol! I would recommend maybe doing it on a Friday if you are trying to avoid people at work noticing swelling or whatever.

Have you gotten anything done before this? 

Yea, I recently decided to start botoxing my forehead a little. I have pretty hooded eyelids. My mom and her brother both had to get eyelid surgery (covered by insurance) in their late 40’s because its genetic and affected their vision. In order to try to delay that, I get botox for a little brow lift. TBH while I'm there, I get a little in my forehead and crows feet too. 30 is coming for me quick and honestly, any woman you see that is “aging gracefully” is probably doing it or has a skincare routine that is even more expensive. Botox is honestly cheaper than getting our hair colored.. so Isaid “f*ck it!” 

WAAIIIIITTT… Is all this stuff vegan? 

Well, the products are definitely not made with animal products like collagen… but depending on the laws of your country, they could have been tested on animals. So if you get sick and need a prescription, it’s likely tested on animals. A quote from Glamor UK magazine, “As most fillers, including lip and derma fillers, are made from non-animal origin hyaluronic acid, they are considered vegan. However, much like Botox, they are required by law to be tested on animals because they're classified as medical products.” 

This Article from Eluxe Magazine describes how hyaluronic acid is basically natures moisturizer and how it is a safe, naturally occurring chemical in our body! It also explains which fillers are the least vegan! It's a good read if you want filler but are morally conflicted!

Do I still feel vegan? Yes. Clothes, at home beauty products, food, all VEGAN. Things that are impossible to be vegan like birth control pills and my car… no. Am I still a vegan? Lol, I identify that way and while there are ways I am excited to improve (like trying to eliminate my single use plastic & food waste)  there are other ways I might not improve. I need to drive a car and I need to take medications sometimes. I’m just trying to balance my L.A. lifestyle with my morals like the rest of us here.

After with no lipstick! Exactly what I wanted, a hydrated lip look!

How did your husband (Matt) react?

 Oh he was freaked out. But only because I did it on a friday and stayed the night at friends in my home town the next night because I didn't want him to see me swollen…but that was ill informed... the day I came home was the WORST day of swelling! (the second day of any inflammation is always the worst, just like 2 days after “leg day” or the second day of your period!!) LOL Poor guy was like “What did you do with my wife!?” I knew that was going to happen when I was driving home. He’s used to it now though and obviously I don’t look that different anymore. 

Would you do it again? -

Oh yea! I love how it looks. At first I kinda thought I wouldnt, because of the post-procedure pain that I didn’t expect, but I’m having so much fun wearing lipstick now. I don’t think I’m gunna go rush to do it as soon as it wears off but like for the warmer seasons when I don’t like to wear makeup during the day, it just makes me feel prettier. It’s weird... I feel like I look like a woman instead of a girl with my plump lips! I used to never leave the house without filling in my brows but just having my plump lips I actually rock ZERO makeup sometimes. And for me, that’s the GOAL! In fact, to see my post on the “Best beauty services to save you time” click here!

Dr. Austin and I...Girl Power!

Who was your Doctor? 

Doctor Austin is the sweetest and she has an office here in Northridge and she practices in Irvine as well; so whether you are in LA or OC she can be accessed! She is an expert on the face as a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon. It was really cool to experience injections by a  facial plastic surgeon instead of a nurse at a laser hair removal place or something! Quality is key, I think that’s why they look so natural. 

Her info and prefered offices are:

Los Angeles County- 17114 Devonshire Street, Suite 101, Northridge, CA 91325

Orange County- 16300 Sand Canyon Ave., Suite 1011, Irvine, CA 92618

Northridge, CA- 747) 203-7750

Irvine, CA- 949) 409-8850

IG: @drgracekimaustin

How much did it cost? 

Dr. Austin charges around $650-800, but is dependant on the individual and how much volume is desired.  It is recommended to visit her for a consultation for a specific quote.

Hope this was helpful incase you decided to ever get your lips filled! Also, for a video of my procedure, visit Dr. Austins Instagram account at look for my picture!