Thai Coconut Curry Soup

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Hey gals, so I live directly across the street from two Thai restaurants now. If I didn't figure out how to make some version of red coconut curry then I was going to go broke buying it! I looked at a few broth recipes on line to see what is generally in them and this is what I came up with!

Matt's version, omitted coconut milk, see notes!

I was always a little intimidated about making Thai food because I'm not too familiar with the spices, but actually its kind of all bundled up in the Thai red curry paste. It feels like I'm cheating because I don't know what is in the paste but it seems like everyones doing it so I'm hoping on the band wagon!

Notice there is an option to omit the coconut in the notes. My fiancé is not a fan so I actually made half of the soup with out it for him! Hopefully most coconut milk haters weren't detoured So fast they didn’t know there were options.

Thai Coconut Curry Soup

1 diced yellow or white onion

4 fresh cloves or 3 tbsp jarred garlic, minced

2 tbsp Thai curry paste ( I used red)

2 tbsp curry powder

1 tsp ginger powder

1 tbsp salt

2 tbsp coconut oil

2 tbsp soy sauce/coconut aminos for GF

1 handful sliced mushrooms (I used baby Bella)

1 bunch baby bok choy, separated

1 bell pepper, sliced

32 oz veggie broth (If you live near a Trader Joes, their Miso Ginger Broth is yummy in this)

1 can coconut milk

1/2 lime, juiced

10-15 basil leaves

1 1/2 cup rice for serving.

cayenne pepper (optional)

1)Sauté the onion with coconut oil and salt until translucent

2)Add garlic, Thai paste, curry powder and sautéed another 2 mins

3)Add broth, coconut milk, soy sauce, and veggies (except basil) and let simmer until you get a slight boil, about 10 mins. (mean while, prepare your rice according to package)

4) Turn off heat and stir in basil leaves and fresh lime juice.

5) Taste for salt and spice, if your thai paste wasn't as spicy as you like, add cayenne to taste.

6) Serve immediately with rice, enjoy!

Note- Consider adding soy sauce/coconut aminos instead of salt at the end to adjust salt! It can help if it lacks flavor!

Also, my fiancé does not like coconut milk so i just added more vegetable broth to his half instead! This totally works if you don't like coconut!