Three New Salty Summer Snacks

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

As the summer months are swinging into full effect, so are the pool and beach parties. At get togethers we always love to serve organic salty snacks. But instead of the regular tortilla chips and guacamole, we decided to try a few new brands of salty snacks! Here are our thoughts on three new products!

Bohana Popped Water Lilly Seeds

Soulful spice

This was by far an amazing new find! We thought the texture was phenomenal... almost exactly like popcorn. We recommend the plain sea salt for those who don’t like spice. This product had great flavor and is a great source of protein with 3g protein every serving and 120 cal per serving

Rhythm Super Foods Kale Chips: cool ranch

This was an awesome find. Texture not as crunchy as I thought it would be, but was still enjoyable. The ranch flavoring masks the natural kale flavoring.. So if you don’t like the veggie taste this product is for you! 4g protein and 3g fiber

Proper Crisps: Marlborough Sea Salt:

This potato chip definitely stands apart from other’s. The chip melts in the mouth. Compared to other potato chips they are not greasy. By far my fave new potato chip!