Vegan Road Trip Checklist

Megan’s “RODE” Trip Must Haves

Okay so obviously I can’t spell road very well... No, I’m kidding! This flat lay was a little “creative outlet” break during my study session for my finance exam. I told myself BEFORE I made this flat lay not to spell “road” wrong because I knew what was going on in my head.

I had made up an acronym for Earnings Before Income Tax (EBIT… finance jargon) and it spells RODE.


Operating Expenses




Revenue – Op. Ex – Depreciation= Earnings Before Income Tax

So yes, this was a mistake, but for a good reason. I know that out of all the girls, I definitely put out the most spelling errors on my blog posts, but this actually was a good excuse right?  I am actually taking my Finance exam a few hours before I hop on the plane to Nashville, only to drive back with our new plant-eating babe, Leah. (And her blue Frenchie, Piper!)

Leah, Piper, and Megan extremely ready to get out of OKC (it was cold)

Leah and I worked together at a restaurant about 5 years ago and then about 2 years ago she moved back to Nashville because she was a little homesick. But guess what, she’s coming back and she’s gonna live with Matt (Fiancé) and I until she figures out where she wants to live, whether it’s near me on the border of OC and LA where we met, or more in the city. Excitingly enough, she had some pretty good ideas for the direction of “Girls Who Eat Plants” and has been vegan herself for a couple months. I really did not want to be the oldest vegan on this blog but that’s okay! Obviously GWEP is more of a “Vegan for the Masses” vibe anyway and all of the newer girls help me figure out how to write good content to help new vegans or people who just want to try it!

Somewhere off the 40, Texas

We stopped by a few little odd "off the highway" type of places. The were quite interesting, this one here is called "The Devils Rope Museum: A tribute to barbed wire" which was rather hilarious, it was closed but we had to take a pic by it, even though it was a whopping 40 degrees Fahrenheit! Along with the roadside attractions we also got to see some beautiful rock structures once we made it to Arizona and Nevada. Although we did stop in Las Vegas's little sister Laughlin, Nevada, our very favorite parts were dancing in the streets in Nashville and finally getting home to sunny Southern California!

Enough about my bestie, let’s get you packed for your road trip!


Car- Ladies, my dad never told me any of this sh*t but the other day my rear view mirror fell off when I was driving and I fixed it myself and I basically feel invincible now. So… trust me and have your handy car kit together on your road trip.

() Jumper Cables

() Gloves

() Flash Light

() Rag

() Multipurpose tool (like a pocket knife)

() Tow Rope

() Extra Water

() Insurance Card

Nashville, Tennessee

Snacks- I basically lived off of jerky and red vines on long road trips with my family and best friend (Ellie, also now a vegan) as a kid. Luckily red vines are vegan and UNI soy makes the most amazing vegan jerky. They sell it online but I found a jerky store at Shoreline Village in Long Beach that sells it so I’m definitely stocking up on my way to the airport. I’m going to get every flavor for Leah to try! On this list, all you need is an old lunch pail for the few things that are better cold. (Or just eat it fast enough! I think we can murder a whole head of celery and container of hummus)

() Unisoy Vegan Jerky

() Red Vines

() Fruit

() Rice Cakes

() Celery

() Hummus

() Crackers

() Peanut butter

Clothes- Okay so definitely trying to wear things you can repeat so you can pack light, and sticking dryer sheets in your backpack and shoes helps keep things fresh; But there are also some fun things to bring for spontaneity, such as a swimsuit incase you run into a hot spring!

Obviously, Arizona

() Enough outfits for the trip

() Extra undies incase you get a chance to exercise

() Active wear

() sweats/leggings

() Swim Suit (just in case)

() Warm socks

() Hiking shoes

() Sunglasses

() Glasses if applicable

() Outerwear depending on weather

() Flip Flops

Tech/Entertainment- sometimes talking and the license plate game need a rest.

() Phone

() Downloaded Music for when you lose signal

() Headphones

() Book

() Magazines

() Podcasts

Other- Hmm what else do we need..

() Blanket

() Neck Pillow

() Hand Sanitizer

() Baby Wipes

() Lotion

() Chapstick

() Band-Aids

() Regular Toiletries: deodorant, moisturizer, oral care etc.

Close to Laughlin, Nevada!