Veganywhere: Anchorage, Alaska!

Updated: Aug 16, 2018

Alaska is such a beautiful places to visit in the summer time. Everything is so green and the mysterious topography feels like a geographical wonderland. Moose roam around like squirrels do in California and if you’re lucky you will see a bear (or three.) I was fortunate enough to visit one summer and surprised myself by extending my trip. I’m typically a beachy type of vacationer but Anchorage having a coastal down town and plenty of out door activities, broadened my horizons!

So how to be a vegan in this chilly state? Alaska does have a shortage of produce due to it's climate, however the vegan scene is still at least more thriving that you’d expect. There was a ice cream shop that gave vegan options and apparently has a line out the door even in the winter (which is often in the negative tens.) The “vegan section” in the super markets were just the same… Gardnein, Boca, Daiya, So Delicious… all available!

The one thing I found really exciting was finding an organic juice bar that made juices to order. I hate cucumber (because I’m weird) and it shows up in all green juices unless you can order it with out. This restaurant that even served beer and wine. I think it’s important to offer a complete dining experience especially in the vegan scene. I came for lunch so I got a kale carrot pineapple juice, vegan ruben sandwhich, vegan cesar salad with gluten-free croutons, and some coffee. This spot is called Organic Oasis on 2610 Spenard Rd, Anchorage, AK 99503

Organic Oasis was so nice they gave us some vegan gf cookies! They wanted us to try them because Nataly (sister-in-law) has celiac and I am a Veggie!

They were delishhhh

Right before eating at Organic Oasis we echecked out a little cold press juice spot across the street called Market Juice + Kitchen. It is my sister in-law’s favorite place for their yummy nut milks and treats! I grabbed a cashew milk from there and it was so good I saved it to add to my coffee when I went to the organic oasis for lunch. Also Market Juice seemed to be expanding or moving to a larger spot next door! They are doing well which shows how yummy it is!

Later that night my brother took me to the ice cream shop called Wild Scoops! The first time we went a few days before I got a vegan flavor called rhubarb streusel made with coconut milk and then this time they still had the same vegan flavor (it changes weekly I hear) so I got this sandwich from there freezer treats where they also sold some pints of their other ice cream options!

Don’t let this state scare you out of your diet! Vegan in Alaska is definitely more than doable!

Just look at this guy… (elk)

or this fine lady (bison)

and the reindeer too!

But beware... below are the creatures known for eating vegans! Kidding, but be sure if you visit a place with lots of wild life that you take the necessary precautions. When we went hiking we would be sure to be talking or making noise because the animals are less likely to attack if they are not startled! I'll go with you I'm really good at talking HAHA