Wedding RECAP

My wedding was one of the best weekends of my life. There are few things I would have done differently. It was magical and exactly how I pictured it and so filled with love. I have said in the past I’m pretty good at manipulating my life and it is definitely true. I was not one of those brides who wanted to be a guest at my own wedding. I grabbed the mic a bunch, I hosted the grooms & bridal party in our VRBO, tried to make everyone breakfast in the mornings, and hosted our families for a mansion pool party the next day. This was all part of a big picture. Many of Matt’s friends and family live far away, and Matt is the golden child of his family. The one everyone loves, Mr. Reliable, a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, blah blah blah. Everyone thinks my husband is the shit and their not wrong. I needed to prove I could take care of their precious gem. Luckily I knew how to handle this type of shit. So I did my best to anticipate like 50 people’s needs that one weekend. (about that many were STAYING with us, we had about 150 people at the wedding) My chance to host them for possibly the only time. 


We rented a GIANT MANSION VRBO for all of our wedding party to stay at. I wish I took more fun pics of me and my friends there, but I was running around like a psycho. Some friends had to leave the morning after our wedding so as friends went home our family filled up the rooms! I was an amazing idea. It acted as a venue for a welcome dinner, after party, and a brunch/family day. 

Here’s the thing, we rented the house for 2 days after the wedding. If you rent a house for your wedding, please rent it for the next night too. No normal party goer is feeling 100% after a night like a wedding. Do you want them to have to also worry about a noon check out?? Wait do YOU want to have to worry about cleaning that thing at 7 am?? FUCK. NO. Our wedding was a Friday so we got it Thursday-Sunday. T’was party time, bitches!


I made everyone a special care package for the mansion party.. This weekend I was impossible to hate. Ibuprofen and Liquid IV for all! Allergic to ibuprofen? I found out and gave you Tylenol. Did you fly in and couldn’t bring dry shampoo. I had you. Scrunchy for the pool? face masks for your puffy hangover face? You bet. Drink floaties for the pool, emergen-C, etc. I’m pretty sure I thought of everything. 


I made my special tofu scramble with soyrizo for the egg haters like me… I caved and played the “cool vegan” and made eggs, (SORRY) sliced avocado, sliced tomato, everything bagel seasoning, and a variety of bagels. Champagne, grapefruit juice, OJ and coffee obviously. 


As soon as I got to San Diego from Glendale, I went in for my makeup test appointment. Highly recommend this because then my makeup was done for the welcome/rehearsal dinner! At 3 pm we were able to check into the mansion. I met Matt there (He was dropping off some stuff at the venue, we divide and concor.) and I was immediately overwhelmed by how beautiful the house was. BUT, I had to get my shit together. I started to stuff all the goody bags so that I could place them in everyone’s room so they knew where they belonged. (I made sure everyone was comfy. If someone wasn’t the biggest party animal, I put them in the guest house.) Then I got on Instacart and changed my delivery address to the mansion and ordered ALL the food and booze for the weekend. It was now about 6:30pm and I could here so many guests. I got ready while calling the Taco Man on speaker. Taco man came, I was Gucci down, and I needed a mother fucking cocktail. After making everyone who didn’t have a drink first,  I got a big ole’ vodka soda. My husband was such a gangster and bought me gold reusable cocktail straws. Lol. Soon enough we all started to eat on the deck where the taco man set up. This was a fun night. I had planned to run through the ceremony with the wedding party but instead I just cling my glass and explained how it was gonna go down instead of an actual rehearsal. #pleasedontstopthemusic. We partied ‘till about midnight; enjoying the ping pong, jacuzzi, pool, movie theater, bowling alley, and night club. This monster of a house had EVERYTHING. It was wild. This house was the best move I’ve ever made. Even in the morning some used the gym and sauna. 

Wedding DAyYyYyY-

The makeup artist came by 7:30 in order to do mine and some of the girl’s makeup. The bathroom in our master bedroom of the mansion was bigger than my apartment and had multiple mirrors. It was perfect because all 10 of my bridesmaids plus some other friends could hang out and get ready together! A party bus came to pick up first the boys to the venue for a run through of the ceremony and pictures. Then the bus was supposed to turn around and the girls were to be picked up but apparently it was running way too late because the boys did not get their shit together in time. We ended up just getting a few ubers and one girl was pregnant and drove and my dad decided to drive me and my MOH. Crisis averted, we got there on time and got all our pics. 

Master bath where me and my girls got ready, more pics below!


The food at my wedding was 100% vegan and I think all the wine and beer was too except I screwed up on the sparkling rose.  (Ironically, I’ve done a blog post on rose cocktail recipes with leftovers and no one has called me out yet. I must have a chill community… Nobody likes a culty vegan anyway.) We had pasta with beyond sausage & an indian coconut curry with rice. And my idea was to serve everything family style. I thought if dinner was slightly interactive that people would get chatty with those they didn't know! 


Matt and I’s song is Run Away by Kanye West. It’s an inside joke that derives from how we tried SO hard not to be together for about 3 months before dating. Anyway, we decided that nobody would be amused and we went with the clean version of  “Mine” by Bazzi for our first dance. We entered to “Right Hand” by Drake. All our friends entered too my favorite song of all time “Pursuit of Happiness” By Kid Cudi, the Steve Aoki Remix. Kid Cudi just gets me. Our song with our parents was so lame. Look, my dad and I do not have a conventional father daughter relationship. My dad was not threatening my boyfriends with shotguns, he has never once called me pretty except one awkward moment with the wedding photographer, and he definitely never went out of his way to get his little girls oil changed or any of that shit. He always trusted my judgement. My dad and I treat each other like gentlemen, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Therefore, dancing thing was weird to me kinda. I had Matt & his mom do their dance with us. Matt doesn't like much attention like that anyway so he was down with this format as well. We picked "Simple man" by Leonard Skinner. Besides, Matt and My dad are both pretty simple. Feed them and they will marry you. Hard to dance too though. It was funny because my dad and I basically talked about how he realized he ripped his pants the whole time we danced. He was like, “Don’t lift up my blazer even a little bit.” 


My dress originally looked as pictured. The top was fuglyyyy but I got it tailored to be like the top of this Sara Seven dress called “breakfast in bed.” I basically redesigned my dress because  wanted to feel like a dainty ballerina on the top and a cupcake bride on the bottom.

After Party- We all went back to the mansion. Shit was next level. I can’t. The place had a nightclub. We had cases of boose leftover at the end of the wedding. There were games of ping pong, beer pong, and bowling going on. People were in the jacuzzi, jumping in the pool. Dancing galore.  I wish I had a photographer for this. The pics would be way more interesting than the wedding photos. I’d rather have an album of this part to be completely honest. 

Morning After- I cleaned the fuck out of that house in the morning. Some began to help, but we basically just needed surface cleaner, towels, and a bunch of trash bags and we were Gucci. I made everyone breakfast as they were waking up. All I had to do was slice the tomato and avocado, lay out the bagels, scramble the tofu eggs and everyone wanted to marry me. Too LATE! HA!

By 2pm Matt’s sweet dad cleaned the kitchen and all of our extended families started to arrive. I have a lot of little cousins near the house we rented and we had no kids at the wedding. It was nice to host them all the next morning.

The original cut of the dress VS. The dress I copied the top of!


Also BTW I had my #look planned out. I have a 5 min no show pony tail that I plan to put on an IGTV soon (promise made 8/29/2019) and also I had a flattering maxi dress planned. I was so sick of wearing white, so it was paisley. Underneath I was wearing my Bikini. My family cooked veggie burgers and hot dogs and we got the leftover keg chilled and ready to go! All my little cousins had so much fun with all the games and the pool!

Last Day- I cleaned, cooked a little more breakfast for the stragglers and I, and we were out by 12pm. Princess in lap, trunk full of wine, I drove back to LA with a full heart, following my new husband the whole way. Then next 2 days I spent doing laundry and packing us up for our honeymoon in Greece on that Tuesday!

Movie theater in Mansion- Photo by Matt's Dad "Lance & Julia Photography"

The bathroom of the master bedroom. It had 2 separate toilets off the sides! Crazy

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