What's In My Backpack

It’s school session again! Finally, for my very last year. I am an older student, but I’d say I’m a wise older college student with a bag full of goodies. A backpack that is! I want to share what is in my school bag/backpack because although I don’t exactly live that #brokestudentlife as a married person who doesn't work (lol), I definitely don’t eat at school because they have like ZERO healthy options for vegans and bringing my own things seriously saves us so much money.

Pack a lunch- 

Guys my “quick meals” section on my blog has so many things that you can throw together in 5 mins in the morning. I ALWAYS bring my buffalo chick’n sandwich because it fits in the tiny front part of my backpack. And the benefit is I know it’s only going to be around 300 calories, so if you sit a long time like me during school, it’s good to know your not over eating. I usually complement the sandwich with an apple/pear and a kombucha. Maybe part of a packet of Justin’s Almond or Peanut Butter for my apple. They are only like 99 cents at whole foods!

Protein Bar- 

I love to go to Trader Joes to get protein bars, but I’m sure you could also find some good plant based ones at Grocery Outlet or a store like that. The rule is to pick a bar with more protein than sugar. If you are going to be on campus for a long time you will need a snack after lunch, especially if you try to make the lunch really low cal like me! I like GoMacro Bars recently even though not all the varieties follow my sugar rule, its because the ingredients are pretty wholesome. Sometimes if a plant based bar uses dates as a sweetener/binder they have more sugar than protein and I’m ok with that.

Reusable Cup- 

I commute to school with my cup full of ice and when I get to campus I fill it with water or my kombucha. I just like having a reusable cup with me because I like to be able to fill it up with ice for my water at the cafeteria.

Powdered Cold Drink Mixes- 

I know that Crystal Light is not the healthiest thing in the world, but I had it left over from summer and I like to sprinkle the slightest amount (like, 1/4th of the packet!!) in my tequila/sodas, so these are left over. What I normally use is Emergen-C hydrate or Emergen-C Energy+. I think of these as little treats because I know I’m just sitting all day and I know an Emergen-C has benefits and will prevent me from getting sick now that I’m around a bunch of people and public space. And if I have to use Crystal Light at least it’s not a bunch of empty calories. Perfect for my re-useable cup!

Four Sigmatic OR Coconut Coffee Creamer- 

Seriously, “non-dairy” coffee creamer at school is actually full of dairy and it’s just lactose free! Ughhh *false advertising* I save money by skipping Starbucks and just adding my own little things to the coffee from the coffee stand. Lately I have been adding my Four Sigmatic Hot Mushroom Cacao with Reishi Packets to my coffee at school. It’s so good, but really pricey… I haven't tried these yet but I will edit when I do, I found these individual powdered coconut creamers for our backpack/ briefcase! I have considered bringing my frother to school because I love to stir in my powders with it. Ugh I might have to be that extra. HAHA

Moon Juice Packets-

There are definitely times when tea sounds better than coffee and on Moon Juice's website you can order their awesome little packets that I like to put in tea. They don't taste the very best but they really do what they say. They contain adaptogens that help manage stress. Pictured above is the power dust but my actual favorite is the brain dust. I can really bang out some work after drinking it.

100 Calorie Dark Chocolate Bars from Trader Joes aren't a bad idea for your pack either! Lol


I still like to use a hand written planned because things pop in my head it its not always a good time to phone or laptop when a professor is speaking or in a conference. I then add it to my google calendar later or sometimes it’s just a side list of things to do and I time block my tasks in google later. 


This is not for everyone, but especially if you have a tablet I love to get E-Textbooks. I can always find E-books cheaper than renting a textbook or buying one. Of course the blue light is an issue for late night studying but I just deal with it. Textbooks are so heavy in my backpack and I feel like such a nerd when my bag is GIANT! Lol

The usual stuff-

I won't bore you with EVERYTHING in my backpack, but I wouldn’t be caught without pencils, pens, erasers, scantrons, paper..etc. Just get all of those things early. You will save money if you just buy a pack of scantrons in the beginning anyway. You don’t want to have to worry about being unprepared or be that kid that’s always asking for stuff. Look at your syllabi and make a single list of all the things your professors/boss requires and just get them all now!

Happy School Year! I hope that with a little bit of mindfulness you can implement these items in your school bag so you can focus more on studying and socializing rather than scrambling for the things you need. 

*I am not paid to add any of these links. However, if you purchase using my link I may receive a small commission from Amazon. I mostly put them there so you can easily find what I am talking about and know what the products look like!